Here’s what’s important about why and how we work

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Simple Customer Care

Our Mission

To create delightfully simple customer care.
At Sweepr, we want to transform the experience of asking for and receiving help. We picture a world where people are surrounded by technology and embrace it, troubleshoot issues seamlessly and enjoy the ways technology makes life better.

A customer experience company first

Our Vision

Every customer, in every home, feels cared for, empowered by and confident with the technologies they use every day. Sweepr will be successful when receiving support is as natural as turning on the radio or checking the weather.

How we realize our mission

Our Values

Our three core values embody the mission and vision of our company’s founders in our everyday actions.

Be Bold

We are on the side of action, choosing to be risk-takers as we solve challenges. We try new things, collect evidence, change and try again, quickly correcting when things don’t go as planned.

Serve the Experience

We hold an unexpectedly great customer experience as our highest calling in everything we do. We are not a technology company, but an experience company.

Care Generously

We challenge and care for our colleagues, customers and users in a generous, respectful and honest way, choosing to approach our work with a sense of possibility and positivity.

Leadership Team

Photo of Alan Coleman

Alan Coleman


Sweepr continues Alan's journey of transforming customer experiences that he began with his first successful business Brite:Bill. Alan drives Sweepr's vision for re-thinking how customers experience support in a more complex and connected world. Prior to Brite:Bill Alan had roles in Accenture, Macalla Software and Morgan Stanley.

Photo of Jim Hannon

Jim Hannon


Jim is a technology startup veteran who has been involved in innovation for more than twenty years, developing out solutions in Telco, Banking and the Consumer web, most recently as co-founder and CTO of Brite:Bill. His experience with building out engineering teams coupled with a strong pedigree in the design and architecture of Enterprise and Web scale platforms is key to delivering on the Sweepr vision.

Photo of John Maguire

John Maguire


He has over 20 years experience delivering products for digital consumers, working with both service providers and device manufacturers. John is responsible for all aspects of product management and product marketing. Prior to Sweepr John worked for Accenture and S3 Group.

Photo of Liam Davis

Liam Davis


Liam is a senior level finance professional with over 20 years experience in financial, operational and commercial management in both Private and PLC organisations. Strong experience in a global, hi-tech environment with a record of successful execution of corporate finance initiatives valued at over €500 million.

Photo of Juan Masso

Juan Masso

Head of Delivery and Managed Services

Juan has twenty years experience delivering solutions and services worldwide for Telco industry, with a particular focus on building and scaling delivery teams. In Sweepr he is responsible for customer program delivery and managed services. Prior to Sweepr, Juan worked for Brite:Bill and Orga Systems.

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