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Sweepr Platform v1.3

John Maguire – Chief Product Officer
May 28, 2020
Sweepr Platform v1.3 at Sweepr

We continue to break new and exciting ground in customer self-serve tech. With Sweepr v1.3 we made great progress in making interactions more customer-friendly, applying machine learning for better resolution predictions, and making it easier to create new support content.

In this video, John Maguire, Sweepr's Chief Product Officer, steps through some of the latest features of the Sweepr SaaS platform, v1.3, including:

  • Interaction Editor our no-code / low code approach to rapidly configuring, editing, testing, and launching resolutions fast.​

  • Applying the power of machine learning to tech support for more intelligent resolution predictions.

  • Making integration easy with our voice and mobile APIs and SDKs.