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Lead Front End Developer

Lead Front End Developer at Sweepr


Dublin, Ireland




January 31, 2021

About the company

At Sweepr we are helping our clients to evolve the digital relationships they have with their customers through highly personalised automation of the customer service experience. Such automation can deliver a range of efficiency, scalability and UX advantages but it cannot be at the cost of understanding a customer’s needs or missing the opportunity to educate them on all that our clients have to offer. Only when customers feel they are being spoken to in a way that understands their individual needs will automated digital interactions be the customer engagement mode of choice. Sweepr is helping our clients to achieve that transformation.

Sweepr is committed to creating a workplace culture based on equality, dignity and diversity, where differences are welcomed and each employee feels valued and respected. We believe that a diverse workforce is one in which different perspectives and backgrounds can be used to provide not only the energy and creativity that will drive our work but also make our workers feel free from the pressures of having to “fit in”. Employees at Sweepr will be free to be themselves. This philosophy applies not only to workers of different ethnicity but also workers from neurodiverse and LGBTQIA+ backgrounds. Sweepr will be a supportive environment where you will be treated with dignity and respect.

About the role

We are now seeking a Lead Front End developer to assist with developing our Sweepr Mobile Applications for iOS and Android, Web, Messenger and Voice channels. This person will compliment a strong team with proven heritage in building companies focused on communications that address key consumer pain points.

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in developing consumer-focused web, messaging/voice and mobile applications using best in class software frameworks and will have commercial software development experience in delivering production-ready mission-critical systems to a large user base.

Core competencies

• Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Information Engineering or related discipline
• 7-10 years in Software Development


• Drive the development of the client-side elements of the Sweepr SaaS Platform, working on software design, development and testing
• Lead a team of developers, providing leadership, mentoring and ensuring adherence to the scrum methodology
• Perform the role of scrum-master on a rotating-basis as and when required, advising on the scrum process and ensuring key processes and ceremonies are adhered to
• Engage with Sweepr’s customer base to advise and assist in deploying our client SDKs
• Contribute to the development of the client-side Software Development Kit components of the Sweepr platform, developing SDKs for iOS, Android and other interaction channels such as Messaging, Amazon Alexa & Google Home.
• Work in a multi-disciplinary team of architects, product managers, engineers and creative designers to create compelling use cases that are Production ready.


The ideal candidate will have the following skills:
• Expert level understanding of Mobile app technologies, platforms and tools, including one or more of the iOS and Android Operating systems and languages Swift, Objective C or Java
• Good background in HTML and JS frameworks such as React, Angular and/or Javascript
• Understanding of the process of the development of UI Dialogs to achieve complex multi modal interactions and outcomes
• Understanding of messaging and voice technologies such as Alexa, DialogFlow, RCS and WhatsApp
• Some Understanding of enterprise technologies, including Python, Java, Spring framework, JS frameworks (React/Angular), REST/JSON, SSO (OAuth)
• Ideally some experience in Mobile App Network protocols (Bonjour, UPnP, Netbios), API and message bus technologies such as REST and MQTT
• Knowledge of low-level C-based libraries integration into Android and iOS
• Knowledge of push notifications and associated protocols
• Have worked in creating SDK, Jar or Product Frameworks for consumption by other users
• Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle, and understanding of how apps are released, for example using Test Flight or Visual Studio App Centre

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