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Technology and resources for the future of connected support, today

Sweepr Technology

Build & Deploy Autonomous Care Capabilities

Robust and Available

Sweepr is built using cloud technology with server and client side agents to assess every unique home network environment. Our platform includes all the features you’d expect so self-service is tracked, scalable and always available.

Any Device, Anywhere

Solve user issues in the connected home though voice, mobile or visual interfaces of all types. Our platform handles customer issues on any internet-enabled device or appliance, including routers, dishwashers, doorbells, streaming services or tablets.

All Home Networks

Sweepr’s platform includes our unique taxonomy that understands any networked home environment, with machine learning and artifical intelligence for precise self-service at scale.

Rapid, Flexible Development

Need a hosted solution? We’ve got you covered. We’ll also provide cloud architecture experts to integrate Sweepr, hook to your APIs and develop the data points for effective problem resolution.

Real Time Diagnostics

The Sweepr SDK gathers diagnostic data from the user’s connected devices and services in real time. Our understanding of widely varied network topologies enables high quality, specific customer care.

Rich User Experience

Users can interact with Sweepr through mobile, voice, chat or virtually any type of interaction they prefer. Our SDKs allow for voice or text input, as well as voice, visual and multimedia output.

Quick Start Development

Sweepr SDK will jump start your development with done-for-you advanced data gathering operators for effective device and network diagnostics.

Reference Applications

Sweepr SDKs come with source code for a comprehensive reference application showing the appropriate use of the Sweepr APIs to enable rapid prototyping.

Create Resolutions

Sweepr includes the tools you’ll need to break down a user’s spoken problem, clarify the issue and design the step-by-step sequence of actions required to fix it.

Continuous Improvement

Sweepr tools help rapidly develop and revise resolutions based on real time user data. Our tools are built with usability in mind so the revision process is easy, quick and evidence-based.

Track Self-Service Success

Our Operations Dashboard shows the completion rate of all your resolutions and provides helpful insight into when new fixes are needed or existing ones need some tweaking.

Support Even Reluctant Users

Most companies write off their most reluctant users. At Sweepr, we design for them! User profiles are built in, so you can create unique support content, from your most to least confident consumer.

Resources to Easily Design & Track User Friendly Resolutions

Strategy for What’s Next in Customer Support

Our Technology and Customer Experience Strategists will scope a Proof of Concept and help you select meaningful customer problems for Sweepr self-service. We’ll create a project plan for your Sweepr rollout. Whether it’s creating an overall vision for customer care or identifying diagnostic data points, our consultants will maximize Sweepr’s value proposition for your business.

Strategy for What’s Next in Customer Support

Rapid Content Design Tools

Sweepr tools enable everyone from an engineer to a content writer to a technical support specialist to rapidly design new self-service interactions – within a single 8-hour business day. Imagine learning of a new customer problem and creating a fix ready for testing, in the same day. It’s how Sweepr is enabling service delivery to keep pace with your customers’ needs, instead of lagging behind, sometimes by years.

Rapid Content Design Tools

Technical & Content Experts

Whether you need a single user experience pro or an entire multi-disciplinary team of UX designers, content writers, developers and QA testers, Sweepr has the deep skills to add to your team and execute on time. We’ll supplement your in-house team with the unique skills to bring Sweepr to life for your end users.

Strategy for What’s Next in Customer Support

Insightful Analytics

We’ve planned, designed and rolled out technology but Sweepr offers the final piece of your success: unprecedented insight into how each of your customer self-service interactions is working after deployment. Our Operations Dashboard allows customer care agents to track whether customers are self-servicing a given problem. If a transfer occurs, caller data helps service the issue efficiently, shortening call duration, while you simultaneously improve the self-service sequence.

Strategy for What’s Next in Customer Support